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Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club Membership 2024

A new cycling season is at hand, and now is the time to act. And while you are at it, please consider donating to the Tony Osborne Memorial Youth Cycling Fund. It comes with an Official Receipt for Tax Purposes. This is all part of Registration!

To comply with the requirements of our OC (Ontario Cycling) membership policy, you will not be able to participate in Club events until your membership forms have been processed and you have been registered as a Club member.


When you complete your membership application form you agree as a condition of membership, to abide by all NECC rules for group riding and racing. These rules represent the Club’s Risk Management Plan and are designed to make our events more enjoyable and safer for all. Please read the following:



Third party liability insurance is provided by the Ontario Cycling (OC) to NECC members and you are required to sign the OC/CCA waiver as a condition of this insurance coverage. Details of the insurance can be found in the above linked NECC PRACTICES FOR GROUP RIDES, TIME TRIALS AND PURSUITS, Part D: Club Rules - Insurance.  Members are covered whilst participating at an approved event or activity including direct travel to and from any venue for the purposes of participating in the event.

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