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Thursday Night Hammer Ride

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Give it everything you’ve got!

This is intended to be a hard training ride for all ability levels (groups A, B, C). Members may practice hill sprints, pacelines, and not going to the front. If you cannot keep up, you will be left behind but since the course is a circuit, there is an opportunity to catch up again later. If that happens, you should consider dropping to a slower group for the next ride.

You are urged to have high intensity and properly installed front and rear lights when you ride in the evenings

When: Thursday evenings, early May (usually the first Thursday) - early September (usually the last Thursday after Labour Day). Watch for the official announcements of start and stop times via Mail Chimp.  

Time: All rides leave at 6:15PM

Meet: The parkette on the north-east corner of St. John's Sideroad and Thomas Philips Drive, just west of Leslie Street in Aurora.

The group will ride to the rendezvous at the Bendor and Graves Tract parking lot on McCowan Rd (just south of Herald Rd). 

Ride enters and stops in the parking lot for last minute announcements and to break up into A, B & C groups.

Ride leaves parking lot at 6:45 to head up to the course, A group off first, with B and C groups a minute later.


Length of Ride: Approx. 2 hours

Route is:

  • St. John’s east to Kennedy,

  • North on Kennedy to Vivian,

  • East on Vivian to McCowan,

  • North on McCowan to Bendor and Graves Tract parking lot 


The route is the same from week to week and incorporates a loop so that those who get dropped have an opportunity to re-join the ride. Depending on the month, we do between 1 and 4 loops, so be aware of the amount of daylight remaining and have lights with you at all times.

The ride takes place whenever people show up and decide to ride – there is no process for an “official cancellation”.

For more info contact: Ron Rehel

Group rides are for NECC Members only - not a member? Join Now.

Please review the "NEWMARKET EAGLES CYCLING CLUB: PRACTICES FOR GROUP RIDES, TIME TRIALS AND PURSUITS" which can be found on our Club Ride Rules page.  All of these safe Group Riding Practices apply equally to this ride.

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