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Oh so nice to be able to ride on a weekday afternoon!


This ride is geared for Geriatrics and Others Of Flexible Schedule.

(Which means anyone who is free to ride Wednesday & Thursday mornings)


The route is the same each week so there is an opportunity to join in en-route.

The Wednesday ride is divided into two groups, comprising A/B+ group and a B group.  The faster ride incorporates some hard effort sections but always regroups afterwards.  There is a short stop to cool off and fuel.

The Thursday group will be a strict C pace for recovery from Wednesday.  Should Wednesday be a rainout we will adjust to accommodate a faster group.

Meet: St Louis Bar and Grill plaza located on Leslie Street at Crowder Boulevard in Newmarket. This is approximately 500 metres North of Mulock Drive, on the West side of Leslie Street. Parking is on Crowder Blvd.

Length of Ride: 60 kms (Wednesday), 50 Km (Thursday)


Start times:     10:00 A.M. First week of May  – Mid September

1:00 P.M.  Mid September – Until weather permits

Click here for the route


Start time:       10:00 A.M. First week of May  – Mid September

                      1:00 P.M.  Mid September – Until weather permits

Click here for the route

Weather Policy:  Rides will start in dry weather only at temperatures of 10 degrees of more.  

For Further Info: email Dave Hammond or (289) 716-5903

Group rides are for NECC Members only - not a member? Join Now.


Please review the "NEWMARKET EAGLES CYCLING CLUB: PRACTICES FOR GROUP RIDES, TIME TRIALS AND PURSUITS" which can be found on our Club Ride Rules page.

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