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Eagles Club Clothing

The first 'store' is closed, but we will re-open the store during the cycling season so you can space out your purchasing and new members will be able to get a kit just after they join.  We will also add arm / leg warmers, socks and a Fall jacket.

Each order has an $18 service charge. Feel free to bundle your order with others to share the service charge.

Delivery is 6-8 weeks and will be shipped direct to each account holder.  

For those who missed the Castelli fit sessions in February, these garments are a tighter fit than Garneau. 
Most everyone is ordering bib shorts one size larger than other brands. 
For jerseys, some are keeping the same size as other brands, and some are going one size larger.

For the Race Team kit contact Dan Lundenberg.

eGALS Jersey
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