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Gravel Ride

The Club is building an ambitious calendar of gravel rides. Scheduled one Sunday per month, the rides depart from various locations. 


Check out the Gravel Routes list for dates, times, start locations, route maps, recommended rider levels, route difficulty ratings, and more. 


So far, we have a series of progressively more challenging routes planned for the beginning and end of the season.  The complete routes can be quite demanding, even for seasoned riders, however everyone is encouraged to tackle at least a segment of these routes separately on their own to build their experience.

We want to add more routes that riders of all abilities can enjoy.  If you have a route that can be downloaded to a bike computer, have good knowledge of the route gained by actually riding it, and are willing to serve as a ride leader for that route (or know someone who might be), please contact Steve Quenneville.  

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Gravel Ride Levels

EAGER / BEGINNER          

BEGINNER riders are new to gravel riding and/or are just starting to develop their skills and fitness/endurance.    Hills steeper than 5% would be daunting even if they are short.  They can manage a ride that is 1 - 1½ hours long at a pace of around 15-20 kph on flat gravel surfaces.



NOVICE riders have some experience with gravel and/or are of a slightly higher skill and fitness/endurance level.  They can manage a few climbs with gradients >10% and a ride duration up to 2 ½ hours.  A pace in the range of 20 – 25 kph can be maintained on flat gravel surfaces.



SPORT riders have at least moderate amounts of gravel experience and a more elevated fitness/endurance level.  Multiple steep climbs, off-road trail segments, and a total elevation in the range of 1,000 – 1,300 m is achievable.  They can ride for 4 – 5 hours overall and maintain a speed of around 25 kph on flat gravel surfaces.



EXPERT riders have extensive gravel experience and very high fitness/endurance.  If that describes you, you’re probably out of our league but you’re still welcome to join one of the other groups.

Click here to learn more about ride levels and safety tips specific to Gravel riding.

Group rides are for NECC Members only - not a member?
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