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The Newmarket Eagles is community based and run entirely by volunteers. We have a competitive program that is second to none among Ontario clubs and we offer extensive opportunities for Group Rides. None of this happens without a good deal of planning and effort by many people – are you a contributor or just a participant ?

Remember, this is YOUR Club! Hope to see you at the meeting. 

POST AGM Update:  Click here for the minutes of 2021

Club Championship Road Race

This race is named in honour of Percy Shropshire, a long time club member and the 2000 Provincial Road Race Champion, who died suddenly on the last day of 2001  See the Club Race page for details 

Year End Celebration

Our year end celebration is a great opportunity to mingle with the members and relive the memorable rides of the summer.  As well, trophies are awarded for a number of our races. 

Here are some pix from our 2018 year end celebration and list of the trophy winners

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