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NECC Trophies

The following trophies are awarded at our Year End Celebration



15K TTs

Fastest Man Championship

Fastest Woman Championship

Fastest Handicap**

40K TTs

Fastest Man Championship

Fastest Woman Championship

Fastest Handicap**


40K Two-Up TTs

Fastest Men Championship

Fastest Women Championship

Fastest Mixed Championship

Fastest Handicap**


** You must have a result from each of the 3 courses on the schedule PRIOR to the championship night for us to be able to work out your handicap 'time to beat'. Unfortunately if you haven't ridden every course at least once, you cannot be eligible for this award.


Overall TT Series Champion

Gold, Silver, Bronze

Overall TT Series Champion – Road Bike

The TT Overall Points Standings are based on how fast you can ride compared to the fastest time of the day. The fastest time each week will receive 100 pts, and all other riders will receive a percentage of 100, depending on how fast they ride. The rider at the end of the year with the most points based on their top 8 finishes will be the winner.


Hill Climb Time Trial Series Champion

Gold, Silver, Bronze

The overall hill climb champion is determined by the lowest cumulative time across all 3 hill climb TTs. You must do all 3 to qualify.  


Interclub TT Challenge Trophy




John Pirie Memorial Youth Cup

Best OCUP Performance by a Newmarket Eagle


Winner Club Races:

Sandford 1

Sandford 2 (Ron Near Memorial Cup)

Sandford 3 (Club Championship: Percy Shropshire Memorial Cup)


Road Race Handicap Series Trophy:  

Gold, Silver, Bronze


InterClub Road Race Series:

Gold, Silver, Bronze


Best Domestique


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