Zwift with the Newmarket Eagles

Tired of getting dropped on Zwift? Want some company with some fun and sociable Eagles at a comfortable yet decent pace? Well, you’ve come to the right place! NECC is proud to announce Group Rides on Zwift!

Join us on Sundays until the end of March at 9am on Zwift.  As this is not an officially organized Zwift ride, we will need to all meet at a specific location and make it easy to identify ourselves.  Please follow the instructions below.

Meeting Place:

London - select the Greater London Flat Route (11.6K)

Watopia - select the Watopia Flat Route (10.2K)

In either case, meet at the 100M sign before the start banner and we will complete 3 laps of the course. You can also select "Ride With" Pat Tuero or Victor Tolgyessy

What to wear:

Please select the Basic 5 (Red/Black) Jersey.  Ride leaders will wear the Basic 1 (Yellow/Black) Jersey.  

Please also add "(NECC)" beside your name to make it easier to keep track of each other

The goal is to stick together and ride at a steady pace.  We will target ~30KPH average pace and can adjust as we go along depending on who shows up.

Follow us on the NECC Facebook page for updates

Discord link

Group Ride Member Jersey

Group Ride Leader Jersey

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