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A great chance to race against the clock and your fellow NECC members. 


We have 3 courses that we rotate through over the season plus the Barrie TT course that we visit once during the summer.  It is a great opportunity to see how much you have improved over the season.  And there are a number of trophies to be won at our annual year end celebration.


When: Saturday mornings - heat 1 at 9am, heat 2 at 10am

Entry Fee: $5.00 adult, Under 18 $3.00

For Further Info: Contact Bob Spencer or Tony Osborne


Road Bike category for Time Trials 

Have you wanted to try Time Trials but didn't think you could because you don't have a fancy TT bike, aero helmet and skin suit?  


Fear not!  Come out with your road bike and give it a try. To encourage participation we have created a new category and trophy for road bike users


The bikes permitted in this class will be the bike you use on Club rides with conventional drop handlebars, no “aero bars”, no disc or other forms of aero wheels except those that came stock with your bike, and no aero helmets. It really doesn’t matter what bike you have, you are racing against your last time, not someone else’s.


Timer will need to be told you are running in the RB class during registration and your bike will of course be checked at the line 

Time Trials are for NECC Members only - not a member? Join Now.


Please review the "NEWMARKET EAGLES CYCLING CLUB: PRACTICES FOR GROUP RIDES, TIME TRIALS AND PURSUITS" which can be found on our Club Ride Rules page.

Time Trial Races & Results

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you are aware of any cancellations due to weather **


***Note:  All Club activities are suspended until further notice in respect of Social Distancing requirements.  Ride alone to stay together.  ***

Tue April 23,  6:30   Kennedy (Cancelled)

Tue April 30, 7:00    Pottageville(Results)

Tue May 7, 7:00      McCowan (Results) (Commentary)(Pix)

Tue May 14, 7:00    Kennedy (Results)

Tue May 21, 7:00    Pottageville (Results)

Tue May 28, 7:00    McCowan (Cancelled)

Tue June 4, 7:00     Kennedy (Cancelled)

Tue June 11, 7:00   Pottageville (Results)

Tue June 18 7:00    Kenndey - 20K & 40K Trial run (Results)

Tue June 25,  7:00  Kennedy - 40K ITT (Results)

Sat June 29, 9:00    Kennedy - 40K 2 up TT (Results)

Tue July 2, 7:00      McCowan (Results)

Tue July 9,  7:00     Pottageville (Results) 

Tue July 16,  7:00    McCowan (Results)

Tue July 23,  7:00    Kennedy 15K ind champ (Results)

Tue July 30, 7:00     Kennedy (Results)

Tue Aug 6,  7:00      Pottageville  (Cancelled)

Tue Aug 13, 7:00     Kennedy (Results)

Tue Aug 20,  6:30    McCowan (Results)

Tue, Aug 27 - 6:30   Barrie 15K InterClub   (Parking Map)

 (rain date Thursday Aug 29 6:30pm) (Results)


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