Saturday AM Hill Climbs -- Under Construction

Hill Climb Time Trials


Several club members expressed an interest in reviving the Hill Climb competition. In response to their request, this year the club is starting a Hill Climb series of 4 events to be held in conjunction with the Saturday morning Group Rides. An overall champion will be crowned based on the lowest cumulative time across all 4 courses – so yes, you have to do all events to qualify!


The courses will be approximately 2km in length and the gradients will be challenging. The locations are in close proximity to the routes for the Group Ride, so that one can ride to the Hill Climb location, do the climb, and then continue on the ride. The events will be timed and the results published.


Parking is available at the sites if you just want to ride or watch the Hill Climb. Three locations are half an hour away from the start so you will be warmed up for the climb. Maps will be published before the events with the location of the climb, and the parking location.

Dates - note times are approximate

Saturday May 18th 9am - Bathurst @ Graham side road (cancelled)

Saturday June 15th 9am - McCowan @ St John's side road (cancelled)

Saturday July 13th 9am - Holborn @ Concession Rd # 1 by Zephyr (cancelled)

Saturday August 24th 10am - Zephyr @ 3rd Concession (cancelled)

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