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Become a member of the Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club!
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FEES: Adult $25, Youth under 19 is $7 plus the OCA insurance fee of $42 (Subject to change).




1. To participate in Club events, you have to be registered as a club member, and your forms have to be processed. This is to ensure compliance our insurance policy as provided through the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA). The link to join the club is at the top of this page.


2. Members under 19 years of age, as well as a parent or guardian, must submit a signed copy of the CCA/OCA Youth Membership Waiver to in order to complete your membership process. A scanned image/electronic file is fine, such as a PDF or JPG. 

Link to Youth Membership Forms (Waiver, UCI Declaration, Anti-Doping) for members under 19. 


3. When you sign your membership application form, you agree to the Club's Risk Management Plan, "PRACTICES FOR GROUP RIDES, TIME TRIALS AND PURSUITS". This includes full details on Membership, Insurance, Participation and Club Rules designed to make our events enjoyable and safe for all. Insurance is in effect when participating at an approved event or activity including direct travel to and from any venue for the purposes of participating in the event. The Club's Risk Management Plan provides full details.

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